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    Games Workshop are quite shitty in managing their IP and quite demanding, so I doubt we will see anytime soon officially licensed Warhammer products - Wrath and Glory or Warhammer Fantasy 4e. Unless C7 have such license that it allows the digital content to be delivered in way different than PDF and print. For example Lucas Arts and Star Wars, if my memory serves me well, considered those VTT as pc games or something, that demands additional and different license. Now with Disney, I think the situation will be worse.

    Lets focus on the WFRP 2e in this thread.
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    Anything 4e related should be in a separate post so things here don't get confusing. It's really up to you how far you take "re-skinning" and/or coding a ruleset for 4e. If it is based off 2e, please give some credit to my efforts.
    Make sure you have used nothing from the previous 4e ruleset attempt. The images belong to that author, and some of that code.

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    I mentioned 4th edition because iiivsion was asking and was not trying to hijack the post, but was hoping maybe there was some movement on a new 4ed and some one would chime in. I'll post in the 4th edition area any future thoughts, but will mention this one last thing here. I was looking to change up the theme as it was mentioned that would be needed for any new version of the 4th edition and was trying to learn how to make a theme as well, since it was based on 2ed if I do create a new theme it would work for 2ed, so I'll post it here and it will not have anything from that 4ed version, copyrighted materials or previously used graphics.

    I most likely won't be making a new ruleset myself, but if I did try and used Paul's 2ed as a base, I would most definitely give him credit. If anyone decides to work on a 4ed ruleset and need help with the graphics let me know.

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    I agree with Paul, don't waste time in here talking about 4th edition Please create a new post or use the one made to continue...
    2nd Edition is the best and only :P
    Big Hugs to all and stay safe
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Pratt View Post
    The PC's don't have expanded weapon's list in the Warhammer 2 e ruleset. The PC sheet is intended to be controlled by a player. No need to expand. The NPC sheets has enough detail for the major NPC's, so I left that basic functionality alone.
    Thank you, that makes it clear :-).

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    Hey Paul,

    I am here to pester you with yet another question/request.
    How possible would it be to get that one click essentials(extensions and module to work in this ruleset. These are suppose to work in CoreRPG: The one-click essentials has a token swapper that cool if it worked for beast school form of raven, wolf, etc etc. spells. The portals be really cool for going to different floors and such, and finally the DMTools, not sure if this one works in CoreRPG, but if it is or does get made so, it allows targeting by dropping spell tokens on a section of map, it looks really useful for area spells.

    If it is not doable I understand but thought no harm in at least asking

    Thanks again man.

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    I will have a look and see what can be done.

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    I was using your ruleset in Unity.
    I am aware that it probably isn't ready for it, yet.
    But incase you were curious,
    All the skills, combat rolls, and attributes 1d100+1d10

    WFRPRuleset issues.JPG.

    Also I am sure you knew this already, but it doesn't like how you did the graphics either.

    I will let you know anything else I find.

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    I don't have access to the Unity version, so I haven't had a chance to make a Unity version yet.

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    Am still using this ruleset on FG (not unity) and I've no plans to switch to Unity anytime yet so am not bothered c:
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