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    Warhammer Fantasy RPG 2 ed

    Hello all, here is a version of WHFRP 2ed based on my Dark Heresy ruleset. It functions the same way the DH set does, but is changed to be specific to Warhammer.

    See the Dark Heresy users guide, it will guide you through using this ruleset. I am trying to finish a specific user guide and youtube video, but that could be awhile yet, any questions on how to use it, post or PM me.

    Any issues, please let me know here.

    11/3/2016: new files to fix an error in the npc windows when using the lock window button on the spells, and setup tabs. Changed some terms on set up tab.
    11/4/16: Issue with Language translation not being understood: fixed.
    11/16/16: Corrections for FG 3.2.1 update
    1/19/17: Changed the .pak file for the FG 3.2.2 release
    2/11/17: Updated reference definitions.
    2/15/17: Updated with some added features. 1. Filter basic skills list to trained only. 2. Added an optional Career tracker window (Button on XP list). 3. Added an optional Corruption Tracker window for those using alternate/homebrew insanity rules. (Button on Insanity list). 4. Fixed bug for talent reference windows introduced in last update. 5. Cleaned up the skills list to remove advanced checkbox and trained checkbox to provide more room.
    4/8/17: Correct issue with Encounters
    5/14/17: Corrected issue with NPC hit locations and Weapon attacks rolls issues.
    5/15/17: Corrected issue with NPC damage rolls.
    9/10/17: Added features - Reference lists for Skills, Talents, Spells, Generic Reference for things like mental disorders, traits, etc.
    9/11/17: Uploaded correct .pak file
    9/29/17: Features added. Persistent effects, effect fields on talents tab, better link handling. Corrected player CT to handle Effects per FG 3.3.2 update.
    10/14/17: Update for potential error in effects lists. Added function to drag damage from chat to CT.
    3/10/18: Bug fix to correct error when dragging effects from character sheet to CT.
    4/18/18: FG 3.5 updates. Added Luck talent checkbox to main character page. Advanced skills update correctly.
    5/17/18: Fixed an issue with effects and Skills with names consisting of more than one word.
    8/6/18: Updated for FG 3.3.6
    12/18/18: Updated for FG 3.3.7. Added resizable minisheets and minisheet for Inventory.
    4/17/19: Fixed issue with Heal spells not healing crits before wounds.
    7/5/19: Added new effects- Armor and Defensive Stance, fixed a bug with insanity, added Career Library.
    8/23/19: Update for FG 3.3.8 + fixes for ID states
    9/2/19: Added Features- CT Weapon list for NPC's with filtering options. Drop weapons onto CT NPC entries.
    11/14/19: Updated for FG 3.3.9
    2/6/20: Added Features - Support for Dark Magic Talent, Slaughter Margin entry added to NPC and filtering in Library, Option for movement in yards or squares, option for house rules (1e fumbles, 4e opposed w/ no target).
    3/4/20: Updated for FG 3.3.10 release
    2/23/21: FGC/FGU 2-2021 update. First pass at FGU compatibility.
    2/27/21: FGU/FGC first pass bug fix
    3/11/21: Update for FG 3/9/21
    6/20/21: Update for Effect list changes in CoreRPG
    4/10/22: Update rules set to FGU 4.1.16. Currency changes.
    4/13/22: Fix for the NPC weapon list.
    5/3/22: Career sidebar button fixed

    A Calendars mod can be found in this post:

    Thanks Alvi-Leiz!

    ** Persistent Effects **
    For the Talents and Gear Effects Only!
    1. Set up an effect and prefix it "Persistent;" (without quotes)
    2. Set the Target cycler to "Self"
    3. Cycle the Action cycler from "All" back to "All".
    4. Set the number to 0
    5. Set the units to DAY instead of RND

    When you drop that character into the Combat Tracker these effects will be automatically added to them.

    Example of a written effect:

    Persistent; STR:10
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    Last edited by Paul Pratt; May 4th, 2022 at 03:08. Reason: 5/3/22: Career sidebar button fixed

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    Ooooo, I never thought I'd see a new WFRP 2nd ed ruleset! Awesome! Cheers Paul, this is very much appreciated. Means I don't have to delay my WFRP game. Nice one!

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    Great job Paul!

    I'll give it a try Saturday morning with a cup of coffee.

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    Thank you so much for this one
    Religion is an insult to human dignity.
    With or without it you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things.
    But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion...

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    Here's a theme to use along with it - https://www.dropbox.com/s/drdluvott4...mpire.ext?dl=0

    I don't take credit for this theme, didn't make it. Think it was originally made for WFRP 3rd Edition so credit goes to the original author. However I just edited the xml file to allow it to function in this ruleset, which it does just fine

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    A good question was brought up to me in a PM today. I have the movement listed in yards for those that do not use maps. This could cause confusion to those that use maps and grids. 2nd edition has two move rules. Table 6-1, movement in yards, the default I set the rules to, or the simple move characteristic equals the amount of squares on a grid you may move, 2x for charge, and 3x for running.

    Which is preferable. I use maps, my players know the rule, but like yards shown for those less clear scenes when outside etc.

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    Issue with language translations fixed. New files posted above.

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    Thank you so much
    Religion is an insult to human dignity.
    With or without it you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things.
    But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion...

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