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    It's all good. I rarely chalk up items to operator error, just people using a series of steps that we didn't expect or test, or some interplay of pieces that's not obvious to recreate. That's usually why I ask for all the details to recreate (ruleset, extensions, modules, steps to recreate).


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    Thanks for that.

    One thing is sure, Fantasy Grounds is a great piece of work.

    I only hope I didn't hitch my wagon to the wrong star when I decided to go all in with Pathfinder instead of that other RPG... (hint, hint...)

    Thanks, again.

    - s.west

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    Word of advice @swest


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    Moon, I see where the error is coming from. I use the d20pfsrd for equipment, which uses the plural "shields" in the subtype category. That alone is enough, it seems, to cause it to place the value into the armor category rather than into the shield category. Changing it to the singular "shield" makes it work correctly.

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    Quick hot fix for spell labels not hiding and d20PFSRD "shields" subtype in the 3.5E ruleset, and an update to the d20 Modern ruleset.


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    Posted this in house of healing but was recommended to post it here as well:

    I have a single library module that has the entire 4e compendium library inside it for players.

    Before the 3.2 update it worked absolutely fine, I could open every aspect of it, as could my players. However as of the latest updates, every time someone tries to access the feats section (Which has over 3000 feats) fantasy grounds consistently locks up, looking at Task Manager it seems to spike in memory (I've seen it spike to 1500 MB).

    Again, myself and all of my players could access the feats section of the compendium library module just fine before the recent update, without a single issue of crashing.

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    I've noticed that in one (and only one) of my 5e games, since 3.2.0, my FG in Task Manager is running at ~2400 MB when it usually doesn't go over 1200 MB. The other players had the same memory usage, yet the GM was only using ~800 MB during the session. I had him close all modules and he doesn't have more than 30 MB of tokens shared.

    I did note that the 5e PHB adds around 400 MB to the FG memory usage when I open it. Was there a change to the way FG uses memory or how certain modules or aspects of modules use memory?
    I never claimed to be sane. Besides, it's more fun this way.

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    This is probably attributable to the increase in the quality and number of images in each of the modules you are opening as a player. Due to a limitation in the way that FG works right now, module images take up more memory on the player client than the GM client. There wasn't any change in the FG app specific to that.


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    I'm not sure about what modules I'm opening as a players (since I only have the PHB open in the Activation window), but just tried to connect to the game again and FG shot up to 3000 MB and froze when trying to maximize the client. After multiple tries both before and after selecting my character, I couldn't get FG to maximize without freezing. One time it actually threw me a console error about a texture failing to load.

    There is definitely a problem here as none of the players can get into the campaign without freezing, but it is probably specific to this GM/campaign, not the update. Though it did start when 3.2.0 was released, so I don't know. At any rate, if the images from modules are suddenly taking up 2 GB more memory, then there is far too many images.
    I never claimed to be sane. Besides, it's more fun this way.

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    I would ask the GM what modules are being shared and I would flush cache on one client to see what happens.

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