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    Happy Halloween!

    I hope everyone has a great Halloween with friends and family. Be silly and have fun.

    Are you running any Halloween inspired games tonight to celebrate? If so, what are you running?

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    All quiet here - apart from the rain battering off the windows as usual.

    Stovies for dinner though so that's all good

    Oh, and happy Halloween!
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    I ran The Brides of Dracula as a two player game with my son last night. The conversion of the free one sheet at the Pinnacle website was a breeze and we had fun piping in the mood music. The one sheet is here

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    Just finished running my group's Hallowe'en session (which was actually part of our regular campaign, as we play on Mondays). They were surprised by a jack-o'-lantern while exploring a ghoul-infested farm!
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    We have been playing Curse of Strahd and our DM had npc were-raven who gave presents out on Halloween like a gothic Santa Claus. I quite enjoyed it. Then we beat down some werewolves.

    Good times!

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    Not many kids tonight... I could have played in a game in addition to giving out treats. I was handing stuff out by the fist full....
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