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    well, if it is not working for anyone then the friendless are on an even playing field.
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    I asked Doug, and he mentioned that the friends actually have to sign up for the reference to count for the giveaway.


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    Thank you "Moon Wizard" for Info.
    I will wait for bundle of "Kobolt press" products (to the future) and buy them

    I wish "lucky dices" to the winer
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    Quote Originally Posted by HavocSmurf View Post
    Seriously, FG's is the best. They just keep giving it away!
    Map packs would be great too!
    yes, please! maps are wondrous and great and . . .


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    From my understanding and from past giveaways, the refer a friend only works if the friend follows the link you send (which is unique each time) and then enters the sweepstakes as well by doing one of the items on the list.

    Of the total entries, I see that 50 people have successfully used the Refer a Friend option to gain anywhere from 1 to 9 entries each. The majority of the Refer a Friend entries appear to be for 1 or 2 entries.

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    Congratulations to JP L, from Canada, for winning the Tome of Beasts giveaway for Fantasy Grounds. There were 3,715 entries. https://goo.gl/09IqIG

    If you didn't win, please stay tuned for future chances to win great products for Fantasy Grounds. The Tome of Beasts and Book of Lairs are two excellent additions to your 5E ruleset campaigns, but there are many more from a wide range of excellent publishers.

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    Congrats JP!
    And thanks to SmiteWorks for the opportunity

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    Thank you SmiteWorks!!! Can't wait to check out the Kobold Press monsters

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    Wow, 3k entries is pretty good.
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    Congrats to JP L and to Smiteworks. A great prize and great traction for the giveaway.. M
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    I've had FG for so LONG I DON'T KNOW HOW TO USE IT!

    But I'm learning!

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