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    Hello! Very newbie trying to install this extension on a Mac with a universal license running a 3.5e game. I think I got it set up correctly in the extensions folder but I'm not seeing it load into the program when I open up the program. What have I done wrong or will it only work while running a Pathfinder session? Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions!

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    @Sam, just check the extension as on prior to loading your campaign. Note this is only for the PFRPG ruleset, not 3.5.

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    Hmmm, not showing up in my extension list prior to loading the campaign. I can see Theme Dungeon, Theme Simple Brown, Theme Simple Grey, and Wood but not CreatureGen...but doesn't matter if it won't work with a 3.5e campaign since that is what I'm running...any chance of it being tweaked to run a 3.5e character? Or even how I might tweak it to do that if I get it up and running?

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    Did you extract it properly? You can skip the whole zip part and just drop the creature-gen-master folder in your /extensions folder uncompressed.

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    Must have done something wrong the first time...reloaded it and it shows up now in the PFRPG ruleset Too bad I'm running 3.5 Is there any way for me to make it work for 3.5? Probably not since I'm on a mac but felt it couldn't hurt to ask

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    You can change the ruleset tag in the extension. But, doesn't mean it will actually work without you adjusting the code, but it does mean you can load the extension in a 3.5 campaign.

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    It should' there isn't that much difference between the statblocks (depending on which one you talk aboit, Paizo has 5 different ones that I'm aware of.)
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    Thanks everyone for the help and suggestions! Got it up and running and have imported my first few characters into the 3.5 version! Works a treat

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    If anyone has a copy of this can they please upload here including any accompanying license notices.

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