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    Quote Originally Posted by Faelwen View Post
    ... I tried to improve on your CGen scripts and got increasingly frustrated with the framework of Roll20 (not to mention the fact that they break them with every update).....


    1) Once you've created and populated the spell node in the NPC, just add a single line of code to call the 3.5 Ruleset spell parser (SpellManager.parseSpell(spellNode)). It will parse the spell info to try to guess what spell actions are needed and automatically add them to the spell node. From my humble and short experience fiddling around with it, it seems to work as intended about perhaps 90% of the time.

    2) Some spell libraries contain spell actions (e.g. Farnaby's spell library). You could scan these libraries and if a match is found, copy the actions along with the rest of the spell data.

    Actually you can even do a combination of these possibilities. For example :
    - Scan Farnaby's library, if spell is found, copy the spell actions.
    - If spell isn't found. Scan your own library and if a match is found, call the 3.5 parser to generate the spell actions.

    No problem Faelwen, glad you found it useful. My main issue with r20 was that I was effectively renting my ability to use my own stuff; when they rolled out one-click and effectively marketed freely contributed items to get others to subscribe is when I bailed. It would be different if their Pro level had other core features and API was a tack on, but their API was the reason to even get 'Pro'. I have no qualms with their plus/free tiers. There was also the tightly controlled community CoC, you couln't say much other than 'Roll20 is the awesome!' as if you got too critical they'd shut it down. That's not to say FG is some kind of shining beacon as it has major issues and lacked some key features during the transition; but it has others that r20 doesn't and requires a different state of mind when it comes to preparation. At least I get straight answers from the devs as opposed to getting nothing then stealthy 8 months later they address that exact problem; but I do tend to complain a ton about software I buy given my FOSS roots, especially if I can't tinker it.

    Regarding the issues that you brought up:

    1.) The SpellManager is interesting as I never dug deep into the rulesets outside of what I needed; i just knew that it tended to be wrong at times so I didn't want to force anything incorrect. I'll probably update the extension come this Friday with that addition with a disclaimer.

    2.) I'm not fond of harvesting anything from anyone else's libraries. I may scrape websites and credit them, but within the same platform that's bad etiquette; also Farnaby's only goes up to level 4 iirc and there's been a raft of new spells that aren't covered so it'll be a strange mix.

    and thanks for the kind words!

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    I've found the community here more friendly than on Roll20's forums.

    Any company that doesn't allow discussion of short comings, or comparisons to competitors is suspect in my view.
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    Update 1.55 Spell Action Parsing
    - Fixed type parsing as I used size increments for my hits (small,medium,large etc..) and if the description had those keywords it'd put that in the type field. A simple hack makes it bypass the first line for this check
    - Fixed Spell Like abilities did not parse week/month/year powers so if you parsed Marids you'd notice they didn't have wish! now they do. Also I got rid of that ugly redundant code I hacked together ages ago.
    - Fixed Ecological information not showing up correctly as it was looking in the wrong place, that information tends to be after SPECIAL ABILITIES rather than following ecological if SPECIAL ABILITIES are present.
    - Added Spell Actions parsing thanks to a heads up by Faelwen, and also the developer who made the SpellManager. NOTE: that the spell actions for spell like abilities will probably be wrong at times as I use spell levels to group uses of day/month/year. It may use that level group for a parsed calculation.

    Check the GitHub for the latest updates.
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    Also, I can't seem to edit my main post given the character limit length.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken L View Post
    Also, I can't seem to edit my main post given the character limit length.
    I've run into this. Sometime you will find better luck using the Advanced Edit option, or try changing the url between http and https.

    But, both of those are only temporary work arounds. What you may want to do is move most of the first post into an attachment (what I had to do on the Module Creation Best Practices thread).

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    Update 1.56: Bug fix
    - Fixed Ecological information from not showing up in some cases as several escape characters were not handled widening what could be excluded from the ecological information block.

    Check the github for the freshest update.

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    This extension works great!

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    A little birdy told me that I had resistances wrong for the longest time.

    I had been sticking 'Resistances' rather than the FG auto-effect 'Resist' so resistances were never working in the CT!

    Update 1.60 Bug Fix
    - Fixed: Resistances should now take effect correctly in the CT
    - Fixed: 'Special Abilities' would show up in the ecological extra information section sometimes, this is no longer the case.

    Check the github for the latest update

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    Has anyone verified that the extension still works with v 3.3.2 ?
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    It appears to work, It's pretty isolated, the only tie it has to the rule-set that might get con-fuddled by updates is the function used to add a button to the NPC list.

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