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    Quote Originally Posted by bmos View Post
    I can set it up to ignore that part in searching for the spell.
    APG, ARG, UM... what am I missing?
    This is actually hard question, as there is huge potential for the sources of such things:
    Hardcovers include:
    Advanced Class Guide(ACG?) Horror Adventures(HA?), Monster/NPC/Villain Codex, Ultimate Wilderness(UW), Ultimate Intrigue(UI), Ultimate Combat?(UC). Mythic Adventures, Occult Adventures.

    Planar adventures was quite late in development so probably can be skipped.
    I am not aware if there exists comprehensive list of shortcuts.

    Probably companion books such as Adventurers Armory 1/2(I saw stat block with AA2 spell I think, but could have confused with other edition), Campaign Settings. Book of the damned had it's own shortcut afair. Somewhere. Or maybe I am wrong.

    Ah and Adventures Paths can refer to previous books in the series, but I've just checked and at least in Reign of Winter standard is to use * instead of shortcut.
    I will do some googling and possibly try to compile some master list. Might take a while.

    Final list based on https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets...8c/edit#gid=0:

    Abbreviation - Book
    UM - Ultimate Magic
    APG - Advanced Players Guide
    OA - Occult Adventures
    UI - Ultimate Intrigue
    ISWG - Inner Sea World Guide
    UW - Ultimate Wilderness
    ARG - Advanced Race Guide
    HA - Horror Adventures
    UC - Ultimate Combat
    MA - Mythic Adventures
    ACG - Advanced Class Guide
    AP75 - Adventure path #75, exists only once in this excel so might be problem with excel.
    MC - Monster Codex
    D - Domain
    M - Mythic variant of a spell
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