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    So uh....if something were to, let's say, HAPPEN to Peter, would there be a runner up raffle?
    And congrats Peter, for now..... Run a game Pete! I'll join! Wanna work with ol' Stormy the Giant and go giant hunting

    Also, watch your back Peter! Cuz I'm going to......give you a congratulatory slap
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    Table Top RP XP: AD&D 2nd Edition, Vamp the Masq, Werewolf, Shadowrun, GURPS, BattleTech,
    Would like to Play: D&D 5e (purchased basic + core class pack)
    Interface: Prefer voicechat (whatever DM calls for), video is a-ok as well
    Availability: UTC-05:00 Mon - Friday (every other Fri) Nights (anytime after 7pm) Saturdays & Sundays (Flexible Time)
    Synopsis: 36 y/o, read a solid amount of AD&D fiction but it's been years; Have 10 hours xp w/ FG

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