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    Quote Originally Posted by ddavison View Post
    I suspect that you might need to initiate the tweet and all other actions from the entry form again. I'm not sue if RaffleCopter is smart enough to figure it out otherwise.
    Tried that, but still not working.

    Anyway, let's count with luck. I am interest only on SKT module, since I already have an Ultimate License (and if I win, I will be passing the new one to a friend).

    And, of course, good luck everyone =)
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    7 out of 8 possible, just one more tweet and I will have all 8, with a day to spare! Thanks Fantasy Grounds!

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    You can tweet every day I believe to get more entries.
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    Here we go, thanks Fantasy Grounds!

    C'mon nat 20!
    Table Top RP XP: AD&D 2nd Edition, Vamp the Masq, Werewolf, Shadowrun, GURPS, BattleTech,
    Would like to Play: D&D 5e (purchased basic + core class pack)
    Interface: Prefer voicechat (whatever DM calls for), video is a-ok as well
    Availability: UTC-05:00 Mon - Friday (every other Fri) Nights (anytime after 7pm) Saturdays & Sundays (Flexible Time)
    Synopsis: 36 y/o, read a solid amount of AD&D fiction but it's been years; Have 10 hours xp w/ FG

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    Thanks for the info on counter, I had missed the Facebook entry.... but I have it now, plus my daily Tweets.... today's the last one! So it's all up to the Stars and Microchips now! Good Luck everyone! and Thanks again Fantasy Grounds for this great raffle! (Kitty)

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    The winner has been notified by email and the name appears on the entry form. Congrats to Peter A. for the win and thanks to everyone else who participated and helped spread the word.

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    Dang. I didn't win again.
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    looks like I'll be waiting quite a bit longer for my old DM friend to get Ultimate. So it's up to me only to DM for now

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    Big congrats, Peter A.!!

    May you miss your next reflex save by 1 and take full damage.

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