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    Would it possible to just add secondary type of items like these tokens in to a separate complete the bundle package? Much like Deadlands' package I'd guess that the back end code is already in place and you'd just be swapping out what products are offered.

    I'm in the boat that having the core 5e specific wotc released items in their own bundle. On a side note an AL specific bundle would be of interest since parsing it is a pain and I'd def be willing to complete all 4 soon to be 5 AL modules

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    I would prefer that my 'complete your bundle' products be actual 5th edition material. These tokens, while usable with 5th edition, are not actually 5th edition. If I need to purchase non-5e material to keep my 5e loyalty discount, then the loyalty discount quickly begins to loose value.

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    That seems to be the consensus, so they have been removed from the bundle. See the following thread - post 16.

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