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    Calculating total hits

    So I have just got Fantasy Grounds v 3.1.7 along with Rolemaster Classic and have been playing around with it and I am coming along slowly but surly. The one thing I cant figure out and maybe that because I'm being a total DERP about it but how do you get the total hits on the character sheet? I know you take Con Temp/10 and then add your racial die for each rank of body development and multiply the total of that by 1.Con bonus to get total hits.
    So after stats are rolled and skills are purchased total hits never fills in, even with the starting base of Con Temp / 10.
    I've tried clicking on total hits, nothing.
    I've tried opening the skill Body Development and rolling a die on the skill, nothing.
    Tried rolling dice for the body development skill by selecting, ctrl, dragging, doublclicking, alt, the skill; you name it I've tried it, nothing.
    I even tried to set the skill to manual and editing it, nothing.
    I've deactivated all extensions, nothing.
    I've looked in the forums and no one has posted so I feel really stupid to be the only one who doesnt know how to apply this.

    How in the world do I get Hit dice in body development to show up on "Total hits" on the character sheet? It always stays at 0.

    Thank you.

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    Hi Rixtus,

    The total hits can be set a couple different ways depending on the preference that is set. Here is a screenshot so you can see it:
    Hits Preference.jpg

    If the Auto Calculate Max Hits is set to No then the PC can manually put in whatever the total hits are. (This allows GMs to use any special rules they might have in their games.) If it is set to Yes then it is a semi-automated process. It will set the total hits to the total skill bonus of the Body Development skill. You will want to drag the Body Development skill to the character sheet. Here is a screenshot:
    Hits Body Development.jpg

    1. This should automatically get set to Hits when the Body Development skill is added to the character sheet.
    2. Enter the total number of Body Development ranks here. It is just so you know how many ranks the PC has in the skill.
    3. Enter the Base Hits here. This is a manual process where you do exactly what you indicated if you are using the standard Character Law rules: Constitution/10 + The result of 1 die per Body Development rank with the die type being determined by the race. In the screenshot the PC has a 60 Constitution and the 2d10 = 15. This worked out to 60/10 + 15 = 21 Base Hits. This was manually entered in a #3.
    4. If #1 is set to Hits, it uses the formula from Character Law:
    Total Bonus = Rank Bonus * (1 + (Stat Bonus/100))
    to calculate the Total Skill Bonus. As this value changes it will update the Total Hits to match if the above preference is set.

    Please let me know if you have any questions or if something is unclear.


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    Thanks Dakadin for the quick reply, really appreciate you getting back to me.

    It's odd because it wasn't populating the field even when the auto calculate hits was on, and I was expecting the base hits to be populating but it always ready zero. Know now from what you told me it would never populate until there was at least 1 rank in body development in there.

    So after playing around with it and using the multiple settings (Manual, hits, etc.) I see the progression.
    Now this raises some other questions.
    1) If someone temporarily increases their hits through an item/effect in combat, are the hits added in the combat tracker or in body development?
    2) If an item/effect gives a character a permanent hit crease effect I assume that is most definitely a body dev change.
    3) It's too bad that there isn't a location in Body Development to have Base hits + Base hits * 0.Con Bonus automatically added to the total hits, the only way I have seen where you can add this is to place it in the Rank Bonus section to get the Con Bonus added to the base (which can be messing if their con changes at any point as it will effect their total hits) OR take Con Temp/10 in the "special bonus" field and then add the Base * 0.Con Bonus to the "Misc bonus" field; as any field other than "Rank bonus" doesnt add the con bonus to the total when placed in them (this is not necessarily a bad thing mind you). The only bad thing about this approach is that each time a characters con bonus changes they have to remember and manually change the "special bonus" field to have the impact on their hits. Not a BIG thing it's just a hassle to go back to the paperwork mode again when everything else is automated.

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    1. I would add them to Body Development in the Spec or Misc column. I would also make a note in the GM notes about the modification so I could remember in the future what it was for.
    2. Yes, that would go in the Item column.
    3. You shouldn't have to put the Base Hits * 0.Con Bonus. It doesn't show up in a column but it will be automatically included in the Total Bonus if the Skill Type is set to Hits and the Stat is set to CO. Here is a screenshot of the Body Development for a Fighter in my campaign:
    RMC Body Dev Sample.JPG
    You can see that the skill shows (Co) at the end of the skill name. This is setting the skill to use the Constitution stat. (If you click the shaded box, you can enter it in the Stats field.) The skill type is set to Hits with 8 Ranks in the skill. His Base Hits (with the Constitution/10) was 62. The Constitution Bonus is 10%. This is in the Stat field as a +10. You will notice the Total Bonus is 68 and not 72 (62+10). The Base Hits (62) * 0.Con Bonus (0.10) total is 6 is being added to the Base Hits. This results in 62 + 6 = 68. If the Constitution Bonus changes it will handle the change but as you said it won't handle the actual Temp Constitution stat changing automatically. Using the Spec column for the Constitution/10 is a good idea. Part of the problem with doing it automatically is the skill has very different requirements than other skills. Hopefully I can take care of that in the future.
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    Body Development / Concussion Hits

    "Total Bonus = Rank Bonus * (1 + (Stat Bonus/100))"

    On page 58 in the RMC Character Law, it says that the BHT = Co/10 (round up) and that the actual Concussion Hits = BHT + (BHT x (Con Bonus/100)) rounded down.
    It also says that it is necessary to keep track of both the BHT and the actual Concussion Hits Total, to re-calculate if something causes a change in Constitution.

    Let's use the example character Linthea in the RMC CL pages 29-30 who has a 90 Co and a Co Stat bonus of 10 (5 base bonus + 5 racial bonus), and for 2 ranks of Body Development rolls a 5 and a 7.
    The BHT = 20 (Co 76/10 rounded up + 12)
    The Co Stat bonus = .10 (10/100).
    So, Linthea's Concussion Hits Total is 22 (20 + (20 x .10 rounded down)).

    Wouldn't it be better to store the BHT in separate cell since that is just your Co/10?
    In my excel character sheet (which I have attached), I use the Rnk Bonus cell to only store what the players roll for additional Body Development ranks, the "Stat total bonus" cell to store the temp Co/10, and one of the Special cells to store the Co Stat Bonus modifier (converted to a decimal). During a game around the table, if a PCs Co was drained, it would re-calculate nicely. You'll always just need to put in their current temp Co. I also like seeing what the player's rolled for their Body Development ranks separately from their Co/10 number; for me, it's easier to look at. In FG "Co/10 + Body Development rank rolls" is lumped together under the Rank Bonus.

    Does FG compute "drain" effects on PCs Co if you drag that effect onto a PC?

    I've attached my Excel sheet which is customized for my campaign, if anyone wants to take a look. It has Pick Lists you need to select for Kindred, Race, and Profession. You can also put in your Height (like 5'9" format) and your weight which will adjust Stride and some encumbrance values.

    Any comments on the subject would be appreciated. Thank you.
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    Hi mPicart,

    You would put the BHT in the Body Development rank bonus (Rk Bn) field since it needs to be manually calculated. As long as the Body Development Calc field is set to Hits it will calculate the Total Hits the way you describe above. The way skills are designed it does allow separate fields for each rank roll partially because it would impact all the other skills. There are a couple options where your PCs can write it down but it would only be for tracking purposes:
    1. Store the information on the Notes tab
    2. Unlock the Body Development skill and store the information in the description

    Unfortunately, the RMC ruleset isn't setup to handle Con damage in an automated way. The way I do it is to write down the Temp value in the Notes and then just reduce the Temp value by the damage taken. The hits will automatically adjust based on the stat bonus but because it doesn't calculate the BHT there isn't a way for it to reduce that based on the Con change.

    The ruleset does use your height to calculate the stride if you enter it in this format f'i" where f=feet and i=inches. You can see the Race/Strd field on the Inventory tab.

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