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    Paranoia (Mongoose Publishing)

    Mostly as a lesson in learning Extensions and Rulesets for Fantasy Grounds, I've started working on an Extension for playing Mongoose Publishings Paranoia.

    At the moment, it's an extension for Dulux-Oz's DORCore, that may change to include CoreRPG if there's any interest.

    Current Version: 0.6.1

    The only thing that's been changed from basic DORCore is the removal of all non-D6 dice, as well as creating a custom character sheet.

    I'm still working on creating a custom inventory for tracking cards (Action, Secret Society, etc)
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    That's awesome. I will definitely keep an eye on this. Paranoia is one of those games I'd love to play & host on Fantasy Grounds.

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    Wanted to say thanks for sharing your extension. I loosely modified it to play Paranoia XP (2004) and in theory compatible with Paranoia 25th Anniversary, Paranoia: Troubleshooters, Paranoia: Internal Security.

    Fun links for a quick and easy game setup.
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    This is great! I would be very excited to see this on FG! Paranoia was the first RPG I ever played and only played it once. Years, and many many D&D games, later I've wanted to give it another go! If you are still thinking or working with this...please let me know. Thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dberkompas View Post
    Current Version: 0.6.1
    Amy new updates since your post? I really want to run a paranoia game during this pandemic for my group and just want to be sure I'm starting on your latest build before I muck it up with my limited understanding of fantasy grounds coding.

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    I stopped work on this, feel free to play around, no need to give credit.

    Taking a break from RPG's, I'll be back, it may take some time.

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    How do I get a hold of Dulux-Ox DORCore? can't find it anywhere

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    Scroll to the last post, there's your answer.

    Short answer: It's no longer available.
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    Taking a break from RPG's, I'll be back, it may take some time.

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