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    Quote Originally Posted by Mortar View Post
    Why would you let that stop you? Always focus on what you can do, show that you have the main things they want, and that you are willing to learn and adapt.
    There's no reason to hire someone who doesn't already have the relevant skills in the current economy. If you can get someone who has actively been practicing the skills in question, you don't have any use for someone who hasn't done much graphic design or coding for about five years. My editing and publishing credentials are a bit out of date, and they were looking for Lua, not Oracle or VB. The RPG companies I have the closest ties with from writing or doing product testing/demos for are Arc Dream and Pelgrane, who FG doesn't seem to have active business relations with.

    Also, I'm currently an end user. You don't want an end user for something like this; the priority is on producing a salable product quickly, not optimizing usability.

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    Shame I missed this.. I probably would of been a decent fit with my skill set.

    That being said, congrats to FG for growing and the ability to expand the company. As well as congrats to whomever gets selected to fill this role.
    I see nothing but further success for all involved.
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    Thanks to everyone who submitted an application or who helped us spread the word. You all made it super tough and gave us basically no chance to make a bad pick. I have just posted the info on who we selected for the position. See the thread here:

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