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    mbansol I hope you have signed up for a session at FG Con...

    FG Con 8 – Invite A Friend April 8-10th 2016
    Register at for all the latest info.

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    If there is anyone DMing and willing to accept someone who has never played before I am interested.

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    Hey Usasgt14, I started a beginner yahoo group, for helping people put together campaigns, and helping each other out with "how to's" It may not give you a game but it might be another support for you. It is a newbie group to either find games or build and test them out with each other. If you are interested, go to yahoo groups and then do a search on DandDplayground.

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    I wouldn't mind getting in on some one-shot action. My work schedule is pretty wacky so it is difficult to nail something down on the first half of the week. When do you guys get together?

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    Vladlock, we started about 4 weeks ago, maybe 3, and the group filled up quick.. Don't mean to shoot you down but didn't want to leave you wondering either. Sorry.

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    I'm running a Cypher System game using one of my most beloved D&D settings, Eberron! I've been working hard on converting the races. I just have to finish the language on those.
    I'm going to start working on dragonmarks and magic items next. Then, the hardest, I think, classes! Hopefully, some of you are as interested in this as I am!
    I can provide characters and the adventure, you just need to bring yourself! Character requests ARE welcome!
    Go to the Game Calendar page to sign up here:

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