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    Here you can find the modification and the character sheet for Forbidden Lands (next Fria Ligan rpg) of the ianmward extension :
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    Great addition! Thanks for sharing!

    You might want tolook at my generic dice pool extension too, it complements well.


    I’ll repost it in this forum...

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    Damn, that's perfect. Thx a lot.

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    I add your DicePool extension in the Forbidden Lands extension

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    Quote Originally Posted by ianmward View Post
    This is a good one guys...

    Added Damned's graphics
    Added '/push' chat command to Push rolls
    Added d66 custom dice
    Added d666 custom dice

    Attachment 13147

    When used, the /push command will re-roll and non-special dice and display the whole pool again.
    You can only push once for a given test, so further attempts are ignored.

    The d66 and d666 custom dice can be dragged from the radial menu or rolled using the /die command and roll 2 or 3 d6 and treat them as 10s and units (11-66) or 100s, 10s and units (111-666).

    I recommend each player type /push into the chat window and drag it to a spare hotkey slot for easy access.
    Is this extension still working? I can't seem to get any custom dice?

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    Quote Originally Posted by VenomousFiligree View Post
    Is this extension still working? I can't seem to get any custom dice?
    As mentioned by Ian - they're custom dice, accessible via the radial menu. Right-click on the d6 on the desktop, and select the "Custom Dice" (top-left) radial menu. This is the standard FG approach for custom dice.
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    I know this might be a bit of a thread necro, but I've been having problems getting the skill dice to work correctly. When I click it, instead of the expected behavior it just goes back to the d6 regular menu.

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    right click?

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    I did, still goes back to the original d6 menu.
    I have literally tried everything in the radial menu and can't get it to work and don't know why. The Base Die and Gear Die work JUST FINE. But the skill die is infuriating me o.o

    even the d66 and d666 work, but not the skill die.

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