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    The Basic Rules were released around the time of the PHB/MM as a free PDF. It has been added to a few times.
    It contains 4 core classes thru to level 20 and a stack of monsters and spells etc.

    The SRD doesnt have as much detail on the 4 classes but has some detail on all the classes.

    Just dont activate the modules you dont want to use. You cant remove/delete them.

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    Thank you for this very helpful step in the right direction!
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    Thanks to Mask_of_winter, I got on this thread.
    this is what Im looking for ;o) its "Great Tutorial". Explaining everything simply and clearly.
    And it will be good if every NEW player knows about this ddavison's project New 5E Sample Campaign / Tutorial Available and mandatory complete it.
    Is hard make this thread more visible or still at the TOP of 5E forums marked with different color, make it this way visible for every new peoples? Because contains all necesarry mechanics and conditions which all players must know before sending their invitations to journeys.

    Really BIG, BIG THANKs for it boys.

    EDITed: this thread actually IS at the TOP (marked as STICKY) I attented it through link only so does not see it is marked way as I described higher
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    The most important rules of FG - 1.) drag player portraits onto the Combat tracker!
    2.) Drag NPCs onto the Combat Tracker! 3.) Drag icons from the Combat Tracker onto the Map!

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    Went through every bit of this and found it extremely helpful in preparation for my first time using FG as a GM. Thank you very much, really opened my eyes to the possibilities

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    Thanks kageus, I'm glad you liked it. If you get stuck on anything, feel free to shoot us a note via our support email or up on the forums here.

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    Welcome to the community and forums kageus!

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    Does this tutorial campaign include how to go about leveling up a character? I understand that there is some automation included, but not how much or how to go about applying it.


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    I'm not sure if I covered that.

    You just drag the class you want to take for the next level and drop it onto the class field again. It will add hit die and abilities appropriate to that level. If you have a choice of a new archetype, you will see an option presented to you.

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