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    Moepsii´s Map Collection!

    If you just want to snag images or enjoy them feel free to scroll past the small wall of text
    Leaving a comment would be appreciated if you are actually going to use them

    About myself:
    Hey there my name is Moepsii, Iam 28 years old and iam from germany. Iam working on a Jungle Campaign and a ruleset for that specific campaign and I feel like I want to present some of the maps I made to the public. Mostly because they were made with other free rescources I found scattered on the internet and it would be a shame if I charge people money for it. So if you are interested in more maybe ill show off some of my future work too.
    For myself Iam playing tabletops for now almost 3 years, it started when a friend of mine introduced me to a group of Pathfinder players. We did play a few other systems too, at some point I decided I want to DM but not in this specific group and mostly because I just wanted to play ALOT more. So I did join another program to play Pathfinder in a pick me up style group. After playing there for half a year I decided I should start Dming myself. So I made my own maps and stories using the program. I grew tired of it being limited and so I switched to Photoshop and made these maps. Awhile later I grew a little tired and also my sickness got the better of me and I had to put in a rest. So I decided I go into a hiatus and just play with my old original group. As soon as I start feeling better i probably also return to them.
    Anyway we already played on these maps and they worked great so far, these maps may appear a little bit to big for combat maps and they are. They are mostly used for actual exploration through the areas and adding random encounters to them or any sort of encounter really.

    Credit goes to the Dundjinni community espaciley Neyjour.

    A generic Jungle Map (theres a few of these):
    Jungle Map 21.jpg

    An entrance to an Temple:
    Temple Entrance.jpg

    An area around a volcano which features lava and small lakes of lava (I feel silly for having to look up the difference of magma and lava :P )
    Jungle 11.jpg

    A swamp which features a pathway through it. (Trust me you dont want to walk through the muddy waters )

    This might be something i have to explain, these are plants and vines created a walkable path into the skies above the cloud (or just some tight fog?)
    Jungle 23.jpg

    Edit: link the the whole pack:
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    Welcome Moepsii. Some nice pics there - well done. I hope your health continues to improve!

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    Thanks damned, its usally an up and down and most of the time is pretty managable but hey you cant have sunny days all year long. If someone is wondering about a grid, i used a 70pixel grid on these which was included by the program but Fantasy Grounds also features a grid like that i assume. Map Sizes are about 3000-3500 pixels each. Some may be smaller.

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    Thanks for sharing with the community and welcome to the FG boards.

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    Lets update some more since people seem to like them. If i get a few more comments i might upload more, but ill probably do that anyway.

    One of my personal favourites even thou the view is weird, the bridge of the dam is walkable.
    Jungle 3.jpg

    I really like waterfalls
    Jungle 5.jpg

    I hate interior design thou, but sometimes i have to do so...
    Water Temple.jpg

    More of that scary fog, this is actually just on a foggy mountain with deep cliffs. I dont recommend jumping down.
    Jungle 8.jpg

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    While these maps are a little older i made yesterday a new one to get myself used to photoshop again here you go its pretty generic.


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    Awesome maps, Moepsii. Thanks for them! Love the waterfalls.

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    Thanks glad you like them, the waterfalls took me some time to figure out how to do them but it was worth trying out different methods of creating them.

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    Lets give you guys another map i made today:


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    We did have an session yesterday where our group was fighting in the arena, thou the DM only had a field of sand going as a map so i made a map for him for future uses and ofcourse you can use it too!

    The colourfull walls are magical barriers so dont mind them to much :P

    The arena before we did enter it:
    Arena no blood.png

    And the Arena after we left it victorious (The long trail of blood in the upright was a head gone flying) :

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