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    Best way to reuse effects

    I'm looking for the best way to code my effects only once. In a perfect world, I'd have a list I could drag and drop so I can add all the missing things from the officials modules. Best example, the barbarian Rage. I'd rather not have to code the effect on every barbarian character I create.

    It's kind of surprising to me that such basic effects aren't built in. In any case I can learn how to code them, I'd just like to do it only once.

    How do you guys to it?

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    Create a PC and add all the effects you want to it.

    Then is someone plays a new barbarian i.e. just drag what you need to him from the other sheet and it will be all set up.

    I do this for Pathfinder and 5e in case my players have any issues or I need something new added quickly. I also use it when I play a new character, I just drag what I need over and get the new one set up quickly.
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    You can also use the Effect button on the top right to enter and keep effects. You can add all the effects you want and make them viewable by the players if you want.

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    Can I export my custom effect? The effect windows would be a nice start, but I'd like to reuse my effect from a campaign to the next.

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    I don't think you can export them, though it would be trivial to copy the effect XML into the next campaign and you should not really have that many campaigns, just one per group.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Griogre View Post
    I don't think you can export them...
    You can with this extension: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...ased-rulesets)

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    Quote Originally Posted by jshauber View Post
    Create a PC and add all the effects you want to it.
    Does anyone have a comprehensive list of effects built? I.e., has built a character like this and can export (email/post) the xml?
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