Hi Everyone,

If you would like to report a Bug or make a Feature Request in relation to this DOE please do so in this Thread.

The best way to make a Bug Report and/or Feature Request is to follow these guidelines:
  • Please give your Post a Heading/Title of either “BUG Report” or “Feature Request” (eg. like the Title of this Post). Your Issue will then be assigned an Issue Number of the Post’s Post Number.
  • For Bug Reports, please include:
    • The Version of FG you are using
    • The Ruleset you are using
    • A List of all Extensions you have loaded, including any and all Version Numbers
    • Whether the Bug occurred on the GM's computer, the Player(s) computer, or both
    • Any Error Message(s) displayed (if any)
    • And as detailed a description of what you were doing when the Bug occured
  • For Feature Requests, please include as much detail about the Feature as you can.
  • Before making such a Bug Report or Feature Request Post, please look through this Thread to see if your Issue or Feature hasn’t already been posted. I'll periodically summarise the Bug Reports and the Feature Requests and their Status in a Post to this Thread.
  • If you have further information about a Bug or a Feature Request then you can make an addendum Bug Report or Feature Request by following these guidelines. Please add the original Bug Report or Feature Request Issue/Post Number to the end of your Post's Heading.
  • In an effort to keep the number of Posts in this Thread from being overwhelmed, please do not post “Me Too” Bug Reports or Feature Requests.

If you would like to contact me to obtain help, or for any other reason, please do so by Posting to this Thread (greatly preferred) or, if you require some privacy, to the Fantasy Grounds PM System (not preferred at all).

Note that posting to the Fantasy Grounds Forums will result in the fastest response, not just from me but also from other users of this DOE. I only check my PM Inbox every couple of days.