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    It would be awesome to have something like that as a foundation to work with as I'd love to see the Outlaw and Pirates stuff usable in FG as well.
    That should be possible. Those 2 books happen to be some of the few that I don't own so I can't guarantee it. If you can tell me some of the exceptions from Rolemaster Classic, I can try to take them into account.

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    I am looking forward to seeing this. As much as we are playing 5e and Star Wars EOTE, my group still loves Rolemaster Classic, and one of the things we first did in real life all those years back was play my original (coverless) copies of first edition Spacemaster.

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    One question I had for this as well, was that when you get the Core RPG compatible version set up, will it be possible to use Parse with it? Or will it be a matter of hand entering xml. I am very interested in adapting Spacemaster to this.

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    I don't think it will work with Parse since that was mainly developed for 5E from what I understand so it will be entering XML.

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    You would be able to use Par5e to create text based reference modules - but not Items, Monsters, Spells etc - if that makes sense...

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    I would also be interested in seeing Spcemaster (mainly Spacemaster: Privateer) available.

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    This stays as an hidden dream for all the spacemaster's fans

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    I would prefer to see the original spacemaster available vice Privateers, but either way I am a huge spacemaster fan

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    Still have my 1e Spacemaster stuff. Would like to see this as well...

    Any updates to the CoreRPG conversion?
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    For those who liked Spacemaster, take a look at what Peter has done with his new 'Navigator' RPG. You can find the public playtest on DriveThruRPG (look for Navigator RPG Public Playtest Edition, by PPG). His description there is:

    1. This game has taken the core of White Star and given it a 1980’s d100 make over to produce an alternative version of the classic Iron Crown Enterprises Inc. Space Master.
    2. It is certainly not White Star anymore but it isn’t Space Master either. You do get attack and critical tables with the iconic ‘66’ and ‘00’ instant death results. You also get that simple OSR monster format. You get d100 stats, open ended rolls and any character can learn any skill. It is your skills that define what you can and cannot do.

    It's listed as PWYW currently, so why not?

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