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    LFG- Thursday Evenings

    FG License: Free for now, if needed will upgrade to join.
    Time Zone: CST
    Day(s) of week, frequency, and time: Thursdays (maybe Mondays and Sunday too), Weekly, 5-10 pm CST.
    Term: Long-term
    Voice: Yes

    Game System Preferred: D&D 5e
    Game System Experience: Several years of D&D 2,3.5 and 5e. A couple years as DM for D&D 3.5
    Fantasy Grounds Experience: Half of year and pretty good with it.

    Character Type Preferred: Ultimately I am flexible and play a whole range of character from healer, tank, full caster, scout or combination of those. Still from most to least love to play: Kobold Rogue (will need a willing team member adopt the exile kobold), Lizardfolk Druid (Spock-like), Hobgoblin fighter (never take off his armor unless where no one can see him to hid the fact he is a hobgoblin), Bugbear Barbarian (raised in a temple and religious zealot against evil), Half-elf Hexblade, Dragonborn Paladin or Cleric or Fighter, or Human Fighter.

    About me: I am good at RP and can be very funny at times. I have tactical mind to combat and a good problem solver coming up with creative solutions at times. I prefer 30/20/50 (RP/problem solving/combat). I get along well with other and not be a jerk to the team because "that what my character would do". I am team player and love work as a team to solve a problem. I will often asking about if my character know something to avoid meta gaming. I am punctual and will tell you if I will be late. Having played as GM, I understand how it is to be behind the screen and how hard it is. So I do my best to be respectful of the DM and do my best to work with them.
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