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    LFP Sundays 1200 GMT (7am CT USA) Savage Worlds

    Beginner group with Full licenses looking for other players to help us learn to run and play Savage Worlds Deluxe

    Sunday mornings in the US at 7am CT (1200 GMT).
    Session zero 31 Mar 2019
    3-4 hour sessions each week.
    Voice chat using discord.

    Although we are up to suggestions for a genre, we've considered fantasy, sci-fi, and modern. Who knows... Maybe goblins in space.
    We are two players looking for 2-4 more to have fun with. GM duties could be spread around.

    In addition to have fun, our goal is to become more comfortable and competent at playing Savage Worlds while using Fantasy Grounds.

    Please reply if interested and I'll PM the server info to you at game time.

    Server will be up an hour prior to start time. 6am CT/1100 GMT

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    Server is up and running. Unless someone else has a better suggestion, I'm assembling a hard sci-fi similar to The Expanse (minus the proto-molecule).

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