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    That appears to be the case. All I know is that in the past we submitted Fantasy Grounds and it was denied entry.

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    I would question that. Seems fishy.
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    and yet every year AaW seems to be on the list. That in itself tells me there's something rotten in Denmark.

    (of course, I don't mean to insult Denmark, I'm sure it's a nice place <grin>)
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    Quote Originally Posted by dberkompas View Post
    and yet every year AaW seems to be on the list.
    AaW is a third party publisher and get nominated for different things. Last year it was their daily blog; this year it's the new, revamped website.

    I'm guessing Roll20 have got in because they've said they have a new version or something similar.
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    Can't get the image of lipstick on a pig out of my mind when I think of AaW.

    They left a VERY sour taste in my mouth with their ethics regarding early subscribers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nickademus View Post
    Isn't the Monster Pack going up against Roll20, like ALL of Roll20. I didn't know that Roll20 was created in the past year.
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    If they have made significant code changes it would qualify, I'm not sure if they did or not. But that would be a reason, code projects are evolving and constantly getting better after all. Now FG not getting nominated after significant upgrades is fishy.

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    Maybe in a year or two with Unity move.
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    Good clarifications here. Cheers!
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    I'm looking forward already to the Ennie nomination when the FG Unity comes out

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