Patch features:
  • Feature: The modifier stack has an internal modifier directly accessible by using the mouse wheel on the stack
  • Feature: Die roll results can have a calculation applied by using the radial menu. The options available are display total, halve, double, negate and reset the value. The active calculation will be applied to any drag and drop operation. This feature will only affect the display of the result on the local desktop.
  • Feature: To ease setting up servers, only one TCP port at 1802 is now used. The port number can be changed, if necessary, by specifying a command line option of the form "-pNNNN" where NNNN is the port desired. Note that the clients need to do this as well when connecting to a server with a custom port.
  • Feature: The dice now save their colors between sessions
  • Feature: Campaigns will now automatically save every 5 minutes.
  • Fix: Characters can be deleted from the character list by the Gamemaster if they are not currently in play by a client.
  • Fix: Locked token moves can be approved using the token radial menu
  • Fix: Some pointers would be drawn outside the bounds of the sheet on some display adapters. This should now work correctly.
  • Fix: All activity on a minimized sheet should now hilight the icon
  • Fix: Miscellaneous bug fixes
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