Here's a great stream I built for my group. So many options for encounters, or maybe just a resting/camping site for a night. My players are crazy about fishing RP and love a chance to find something random in the water.
Ill add a list of junk/fish as well.

Hope you all enjoy!

Waterfall Encounter_01.jpg

FISHING (player, roll a D12)

1. Monster Encounter!
2. A piece of junk (d4): 1. old boot; 2. tattered piece of cloth; 3. bit of wood; 4. tangle of weeds.
3. A crappie.
4. A blue gill.
5. A small catfish.
6. A trout.
7. A small bass.
8. A mundane useful item
9. A large bass. Make a DC 10 Strength check to bring it in.
10. A pike. Make a DC 15 Strength check to bring it in.
11. A Large Catfish. Make a DC 15 Strength check to bring it in.
There seems to be something in his belly Roll D100
12. A golden rainbow fish (Make a DC 17 Strength check) when eaten will add (d4) random effect.
1. +12 THP until end of day;
2. +2 to your next initiative roll ;
3. +1 AC untill end of day;
4. +3 CHA untill end of day.
(SECRET) or, will tell them of secret sunken treasure if released.