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    My classic WotC D&D 3.0 Adventure maps


    I would like to share my digital maps with the Fantasy Grounds community. I will publish them little by little in my DeviantArt gallery:


    We finished a 5-year Greyhawk Campaign (D&D 3.5) on Fantasy Grounds and, since I was the Dungeon Master, I had to produce my own maps for the whole campaign, which turned out to be my new hobby - digital cartography!

    We played the following adventures (in order):

    1) The Sunless Citadel
    2) Forge of Fury
    3) Speaker in Dreams
    4) The Standing Stone
    5) Heart of the Nightfang Spire
    6) Deep Horizon
    7) Lord of the Iron Fortress
    8) Bastion of Broken Souls

    Maps for adventures 5-8 are already in my DeviantArt gallery, the remaining are too "raw" because I was learning how to work on Photoshop and Dundjinni. I will re-make them and post in the gallery later.

    Feel free to use them! I would just appreciate a feedback



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    Fantastic Work

    Looking forward to seeing more. Seeing these makes me want to go back and replay those adventures.

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    Amazing work my friend and even better, you shared it with the community
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    Wow, that is amazing work! Thanks for sharing.

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