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    Quote Originally Posted by mlesnews View Post
    I tried my first streaming session of last week's adventure and did not get any audio, I don't think that it streamed (does twitch save it to your videos section afterward?). Only the recorder seemed to work but one thing that wasn't mentioned in any of the streaming for dummies, was what you had mentioned, adding a Desktop Audio section (as a source in OBS, correct?) Thanks in advance and happy gaming.
    Yup-yup, that is correct.
    Glad it helped out! It is a good idea to “Start Recording” and Stop it, then playback the file created to be sure the volume levels are good, too.
    Too many early sessions sounded good live, only to learn the volume of the Desktop Audio source was still too low.
    If so, you can play with individual Mic volume sliders in whatever chat program your group uses to balance quiet vs loud talkers you play with.
    If still not enough, add a “Filter” by Clicking on the Audio Source Gear button and choose Gain.
    Too loud, lower it. Too quiet, bump it a few notches.

    During play, I like to see if any Equalizer levels are redlining, and if so, to tweak the Gain on the fly.
    Levels should stay in the 50% Green to Full Yellow range.

    Nice link for muzak, too. Good gaming, back at’cha!

    Twitch won’t save streams unless you turn this option on in your channel on Twitch settings itself, online.
    You can upload your vids but they’ll only remain online for a few weeks(just re-up ‘em then).

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnD View Post
    We were using TeamSpeak. Obviously I did something wrong.
    i think this is self realization in action. don't use Teamspeak, just get a discord. video, voice, even text. Discord does it all for free.

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