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    Ahh, thanks. I've seen some mods updated daily and just want to make sure that I have all of the latest versions. You, Miekael and other contributers have done some great work and it's much appreciated.

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    V2.0 Player library available here:

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone, back again today with another update to the libraries I finished last night. Last, but certainly not least, the Encounter Library has seen another fresh injection of entries in many areas as I complete my rounds of compiling adventures. Enjoy everyone, happy gaming

    Older modules, now replaced by the v2.0 player library linked above.

    First up is the Starship/Vehicle Library which only received minor updates, most notably some errata corrections on a few shuttles. Next we have the Equipment Library which also received a few new entries, and if I am not mistaken this should be the first appearance of the new weapon tables.
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    Thank you Miekael. Your work makes running a EOTE Campaign so much easier. Happy Thanksgiving!

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    Has anyone else experienced issues with the sharing of the library with other players since the last update?

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    Have these libraries been updated with Force and Destiny yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by acseric View Post
    Have these libraries been updated with Force and Destiny yet?
    For the most part yes, although I am not sure about the player library, but I did get the talent names and page references done from F&D and placed them as part of the NPC Customization in the Encounter Library. I also sent a copy of the updates to Trenloe for his player library but I am unaware if he has updated it or not.

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    Your continued work on this is awesome!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alydar View Post
    Your continued work on this is awesome!
    Thank you, I enjoy putting these together, and they help so much for speeding up game play especially when your party likes to go off rails and sand box. Also, if anyone notices wrong stats from the book just let me know here, I have come across and fixed a couple already and have already stumbled upon another error while working on Mon Calamari ships from Strongholds of Resistance. I believe the Liberty has an incorrect weapons load out, but I have already made the correction to my work in progress file.

    As for a current road map, I haven't done too much with SoR yet with Keeping the Peace days from release I plan to wait until after I picked up that book before I compose my next update. Currently I am finishing up a personal library that won't be released to you guys (sorry), and then I will be back at it with more updates to these. After that, if I manage it, I'll compile my campaign settings into libraries. These are pretty much just house rules, and reskins, to play in themes outside of the rebellion era. I have a couple set in the early Rise of the Empire era (including one were the party is Imperial Intelligence), one set during the Old Republic Cold War, and another geared towards a piracy/privateer style of play.

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    Back again everyone to bring you another update. Today we welcome Keeping the Peace into the libraries, so look for new gear, talents, vehicles, etc. Might even be a few goodies from Strongholds in there as well. I plan to have another update rather quickly, with Lead by Example being released and being in demand by one of my players, I look to be adding that real soon, enjoy folks, happy gaming! The links to the libraries can be found at this post.

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    Hey everyone I am glad to be back again to announce that Lead by Example has been updated into the libraries. Along with the last of the currently released career books, the player options from Strongholds has also made its way into this update. So look forward to new gear and transportation entries all around, along as several new talents and species templates updated into the encounter library. Next on my to do list is to complete my rounds of SoR, along with Chronicles of the Gatekeeper and Mask of the Pirate Queen, for more adversary entries. As always the links can be found in the posts above, enjoy, and happy gaming!

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