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Thread: Android version

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    Android version

    Is there any plans to release an android compatible version of Fantasy grounds. I have it on my laptop but would love to get this working on my Tablet as the real estate it takes up at the table is much less.

    Sorry if this is out there somewhere I couldn't find it anywhere.

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    It's non-trivial with the current code base. They are in the process of doing a re-write in the Unity engine which may allow it some point in the future. Probably quite a ways off though.
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    Cool. Look forward to it I love having nice digital tools to use so I can not have to dig through a stack of books and I am on the cusp of being able to drop my PC for all but computer gaming. I have a 10 inch tablet with a nice blue tooth keyboard and a full version of office on my tablet. To me the future is the tablet I think we will all get there one day.

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    A tablet *might* be a good option for a player. However, Fantasy Grounds GMs like lots of "desktop" space - a lot of FG GMs run on 2 (or more) HD monitors. Even as a FG player I use two monitors, stretching FG across them to have a big gaming area. Tablet support is an interesting option and will probably occur at sometime in the future, but I very much doubt everyone will move to using a tablet for FG gaming - unless they have a huge screen (which kinda defeats the purpose of a tablet).
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    I can see what your saying and if I planned to run an online campaign I would fall into that category as well and may well get to where I am running a weekly online game, I know of at least 3 people who would probably join a campaign and they are all over the US so it has some merit. That being said the main reason I got FG was for my home campaign. I am back to DnD after not running a game for about 10 years and not playing Table Top for about 6 years. I have always liked the idea of electronic books and tools to keep thing straight, I am working on a masters degree in Management information system and doing the entire thing online with electronic books. So how I envision using FG is to build my campaign in it and maybe share out so my players at the table can connect their tablets for their Character sheets and rolling dice but then to have my tablet either with wireless or through USB hook up to a monitor that lays flat on the table we sit around. The tablet would be my library/books and the monitor would be where the table top goes with the dice rolls and the maps. I know this is not how you intended FG to be used nor how you designed it but I don't think anyone ever builds something that others don't grab hold of and say lets see what happens when.

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    Nicer chairs than me but that is pretty close to my idea. I have an old LG 48 in TV in the garage that takes about 5 mins to turn on so was thinking I could use that for the build.

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    I would love to use an android tablet for rulebook reading and module/story development, too. Carrying a laptop around, which requires power reload every 2 hours just isn't suitable for reading on the move or during vacation..

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    Yes that is the flip side of the tablet that would be cool if if we even had a slim version of FG that let you go into Read mode so you could pull up the books and read them in it like a kindle. The basics are all there would just need that separate module pulled out.

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    Once it's on Unity making the app run on tablets I think is pretty much just a single click thing. The problem though is that the user interface needs to work on tablets too which is where the work is. For all we know though they may be re-doing the interface some so it's tablet friendly, but when you go too far with this then you can irk desktop users because you dumbed down the interface some. It's a balancing act.

    Also Unity supports a lot of platforms, even new ones that come up like VR headsets. I think the FG app would be pretty perfect for that tech. But again, the front end interface would need some re-work and they're a pretty small dev team.

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