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    DaveNaler's QoTW ToA


    To help simplify communication a bit, I will be adding this thread and updating it weekly. Also there will be things to note at the bottom of the thread.
    These sessions will be streamed, we will be using the FG discord for chats.
    Anyone is welcome to listen in, however I would ask non-players to keep commentary quiet as most sessions will be full.
    My plan is to start promptly at 6pm, please try to arrive a bit early and be ready to go. If you are going to be late, please let me know ahead of time so I can account for it.

    Quest of the week schedule :

    12/4 - DDEX2-3

    Due to unforeseen circumstances, we will be delaying the game for a few months

    A few quick notes: 1) this is AL so all characters must be AL legal. 2) You do not have to play the same characters each week, just a correct level for the adventure.

    Also please note that the Tomb of Annihilation quests will include the Death Curse. After discussing this with other DM's and in a few groups, I have no issue if you wish to play the same character throughout the seasons. Also the primer was updated and has been added below

    Game will be on Mondays starting 9/11
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    what time will the server be up?

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    server will usually be up around 5:30

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    Have you had a chance to look over my last email that I sent you? I am unsure if you still have room or want me to play. So please let me know asap.

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    Right now we have tons of sign ups and only room for seven, it's pretty full up. It's always worth checking to see if people do not show. I am considering adding a second day in to cover people who can't make Wednesday.

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    Sorry for late notice, I have to postpone tonight to Monday next week, an important meeting just came up I must attend.

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    But....but.....but....I was zoned in for some mayhem! Hope the meeting goes well.

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    I am will to add a second night for this, Thursdays. This will be a week off from the Quest of the Week, (this week would be DDEX2-2 in place of DDAL 7-1). I would need to know if there is interest to do this or not.
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    Can't wait to play. Please keep me in mind.

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    Hello. I can't do Thursdays but if some from the main group move want the Thursday evening I would love to play Mondays.

    As for today, I am away due to the long weekend. Please don't remove me from the list. I will be available future Mondays.

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