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    Looking for a Server to use as a Test for FG Con

    Hey all,

    Looking for a server to hook up to before the Con so I know everything is working.

    Have not played with FG in many years and trying to keep from causing issues game day.

    Already got TS setup and tested.


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    Larac - Im happy to help if we are online at the same time.

    FG Con 6 – April 17-19th 2015 - register at www.fg-con.com for all the latest info.

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    Many thanks,
    I have tried one but fail at the connection.

    Local Host works and the coms test works, so maybe they were down.

    lfseeney at comcast d ot net if you turn yours own please let me know.


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    Got it all setup now. working as Player and GM.
    Thanks for the help


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    Paul Grosse
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