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    Shadowrun 6th Edition

    Just noticed they are releasing a new edition for Shadowrun this summer and was wondering if FG had any official plans for the ruleset.

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    Usually, any new rulesets built for Fantasy Grounds are driven by a community ruleset developer who is interested in developing the framework, and we help negotiate with the publisher and handle all the logistics. If someone is interested in developing the ruleset, they could start creating the ruleset and reach out to us when they have a prototype to show.


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    It looks like 6th will be easier to code since they appear to be eliminating Limits and some crunchy things.
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    Is there a thread I am missing that has what is being worked on?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grifron View Post
    Is there a thread I am missing that has what is being worked on?
    No. There is no thread. Any community rulesets that are publicly in works will have their own thread, typically in the Core RPG sub-forum or Workshop. If you look for C&C or AD&D you will see they have long community threads and development before they got "converted" to official rulesets.

    In short, SmiteWorks doesn't have the resources (or business case) to work on rulesets themselves. It requires a community developer to make a functional ruleset, and then a community of players interested in playing it. Then it makes since for SW to go to the publisher and try to get licensing rights for actual content (i.e. the "books")

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    We don’t typically announce this kind of development in advance, because quite a few projects don’t make it to completion. If someone is interested in doing development, they can contact us at support to enquire if a game system they’re interested in working on already has interest either from publisher or another developer.


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    SR6 was only announced by the publisher a couple of days ago - there is no dev work happening on it - very few people would have access to the materials even at this point.

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    If I had access to the rules, I would love to help make the ruleset. Have never used fantasy grounds though but in order to get a player for my new SR6 group since my SR5 roll 20 campaign died, I traded adding a D&D 5.0 game using fantasy grounds to get the DM to play in my shadowrun group.

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    any news? i am finally in the market to leave r20 and this would tip the scales.

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