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    Quote Originally Posted by LordEntrails View Post
    This thread is all about FG Classic. The one linked by Jimini is all about FG Unity on Linux and is where you should be able to get answers to your questions. You can of course always reach out directly to SmiteWorks using [email protected]
    Thanks, LordEntrails. I'll see what the folks in support have to say.
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    Nothing to see here...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jiminimonka View Post
    Nothing to see here...
    I think it is possible we are talking past each other.

    1) FGU Demo is not working at all in my SteamOS instance.
    2) I know FGU Demo is not a wine or wine-compatible application. I know FGU Demo on SteamOS is not, strictly-speaking, a Linux application.
    3) The articles on Steam related to Unity engine, in general, do not mention FGU. The 'launch options' described in that Steam article are specific to the Unity engine. Also, use of those launch options do not have any impact on FGU Demo performance.
    4) In expanding my reading, I was wondering if there could be some additional arguments (launch options) to try. That's why I'm in this thread and other 'Linux-related' threads. I'm just looking for potentially related information.
    5) I have read the posted threads. I appreciate your effort. Insofar as information contained there is applicable, I have applied it. Still, no change.
    6) This experience is weird in that I run other Unity games in SteamOS with no problem. In general, while the library of games I have need a tweak here or there to run in SteamOS, FGU Demo is the only one in my library that fails after applying vanilla/Proton/launch-options combinations. It doesn't even load.

    Thank you.
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    The FGU linux client does not require proton or any other version of WINE to work. Lets take this to the Linux testing forum and continue there.

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    This is not the thread to discuss FGU. Please do not discuss anything doing with FGU in this thread. This is the wrong sub-forum. This is the wrong thread. Please discuss issues/problems/bugs with FGU in this sub-forum; https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...-Healing-Unity

    Most/all FGU Linux discussions should be discussed in this thread; https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...-Linux-Testing

    If you don't feel that thread is appropriate for your issue, then please start a new thread in the sub-forum I linked above.

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