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    Is there a way to perform a wisdom saving throw and return if it succeeded or failed?

    Trying to figure out if there is an easy way to get one function to return true or false on a wisdom saving throw against some value so I can determine if I need to process a target (in the middle of a loop of targets) or not.

    Typically in the past I've used something to get a roll and then do ActionsManager.performAction and then catch some OOB result and then do something after that.

    But this is different.

    I'm hoping that I don't really understand stuff that well and that there is a simple way that I can be in my targeting loop deciding who to add to the naughty or nice list and make a roll and decision right then and there in the loop without leaving it.

    And not have to do some elaborate game with rolls and retrieval of the roll and comparison of the roll all over the code coming back into it as some completely different point.

    I'm at Point A - making a decision right then and there - where I want the roll the comparison and the result to come back to me without leaving point A.

    Is this possible in FGU? Am I missing something simple?

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    Its not built in but you can extend the system to work the same way Attack rolls do.

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