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    Versatile weapons?

    Is there a way to distinguish if a character is using their weapon versatile or not? I couldnt figure out a way to 'hot swap' between 1 handed or 2. So I told them to add the weapon a 2nd time and I set the damage according and added (Versatile) by the name so they can tell the difference.


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    That's how I would do it. Longsword (1H) & Longsword (2H) as two different weapons with different damage calculations.
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    I have always set them up as 2 weapons when I do NPCs. Just seems to make it easier that way and would probably work as well for PCs.
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    There is no automatic way to do this so, yes, as suggested two entries in the actions tab. One of my players has a versatile weapon which does extra damage against undead and he also has the charger feat. So to cater for all possibilities he has eight entries for the same weapon

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    I know this is an old post, but I can't find any more recent ones. I have the 5e Essential package (PH, DMG, etc.). Do I have to make a new item for the 2H option? I do not see in the list under weapons a second entry for Warhammer (2H).

    Any feedback or links to a more up to date tutorial on this would be great!

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    I use this extension and have not had any issues:

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    I am on my phone, so I canít find the link but there is a two handed extension on the forum. Iíll post later when I have time to find it.

    Just saw the same answer above

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    Thank you Eru the One and NuclearMonkey,

    This is exactly what I am looking for. Now to look up how extensions work.

    Good gaming!
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