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    A little help please... (conditoinal modifiers)

    Hi Guys

    I am using the full blown version of FG and my friends and I are becoming very adept at using the effects to make the game run more smoothly.

    We have run into an inssue that we cannot seem to figure out though. We cannot seem to get the conditional modifiers to work using the pathfinder module.

    Im not sure what we are doing wrong.
    Here is some of the stuff I have tried.
    IFT: Human; ATK:6; DMG:6
    IF: Human; AC:3
    Favored Enemy; IFT:Undead; ATK:10

    I have done many variations on this but nothing seems to work. What is happening, is that when i roll the roll onto the chat screen it doesnt adjust using the IFT. However when I roll my attack or damage upon any npc or player then it applies the IFT no matter what effect is on them.

    A little help if you guys dont mind. Thanks.

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    FG needs to recognise the name you use for the condition (Human and Undead in your example above) as a valid condition in the ruleset. You can't use just any old name. See this extension for an example of adding alignment conditions to the PFRPG ruleset and more on using conditional effects: http://www.fantasygrounds.com/forums...tion-extension
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