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    Irondrake's Maps

    Here's a couple of my maps, free for any use. Some I made for specific purposes, some I created for generic encounters. First two I want to toss in here is from the Sunken Citadel. I'm not sure why, but I rather enjoyed that module These are rather large images but they work pretty well in Fantasy Grounds. These maps were created in Campaign Cartographer 3.


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    These are smaller encounter maps I made for Encounters sessions in Photoshop with the GM Art Kit.

    I wanted a guard tower...so I made one.


    A village entrance...

    The Julkoun Cellars..think I actually did this one in GIMP.

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    Nice maps! Say, where can I find this GM Art Kit?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mask_of_winter View Post
    Nice maps! Say, where can I find this GM Art Kit?

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    Thanks for the quick answer Trenloe

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    D&D Starter Set (5E) region map, my own rendition of it...yeah there's a little error in the text rendering for Kryptgarden, I'll fix it later. This one is done in one of my favorite styles from PärLindström in Campaign Cartographer 3. Actually this is the third time I remade the map before I settled on a style that I felt fit.


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    nice... Yeah there are a lot of cool styles in CC3. I end up doing the same redoing in different styles.
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    love the sunless citadel maps, thanks for sharing

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    I did a village for Oakhurst as well...I converted this module to 5E and I'm putting my Saturday group through the Sunless Citadel now. They are in the Grove Level now heh. Anyway, here's the village map...Overall its a very simple map, but I took some artistic license with it...well, cause I could...


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    And this is for my home-brew campaign, they just finished this dungeon...I called the Pit of Despair...a cult hideout which culminated in an encounter with a slightly beefed up medusa at the end. I was thinking about submitting this one to ProFantasy's cartography competition but I was a little gun-shy and didn't... Sorry about the size, I pulled this one from my google drive map folder.

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