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    Some people have likened the PHB, DMG and MM to advanced D&D as the free pdf is Basic D&D (possibly Mike Mearls himself?).

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    Oh, and release dates could be up to two weeks earlier at select WPN stores.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VenomousFiligree View Post
    Some people have likened the PHB, DMG and MM to advanced D&D as the free pdf is Basic D&D (possibly Mike Mearls himself?).
    From Mr. Mearls posts on the WotC and WotC Twitter sites, I understood that the three core rulebooks expanded the D&D Starter Set which contains 4 races and 4 classes. The rules of D&D per se do not change in PHB, the races and classes are are simply expanded to offer more options. I understood D&D Basic to be the core mechanics for D&D, given away for free, to encourage more people to start playing D&D. Therefore I do not believe WotC plan to release an Advanced D&D set of rules or at least there does not seem to be any current evidence that points to it.
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    Zeus, I was saying that the PHB, DMG and MM have been likened to an Advanced D&D in that they contained more rules than Basic D&D.

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    From the transcript here.

    MM: No. Keeping simplest expression of the game possible. Full game is like "AD&D" as opposed to the "Basic" D&D.

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    I think I misunderstood the Q&A video. I thought they were saying the PHB has basic rules but they were talking about the starter set and I assumed their would be an Advanced book later from that. I got my hopes up I guess.
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    There will be a PDF that is updated with free basic rules released alongside the starter set and three rule books. The first one should come out around July 3rd with character creation from 1-20 for fighter, cleric, wizard, and rogues (only one option for each I think) as well as a background for each class and 4 races.

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