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    Compiled list of Setting Rules?

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    This was the original thread if anyone's interested on the discussion:
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    That would be a pretty list. What would are you looking for, i.e. what do you want to change, add, allow, or remove? I am sure the community here could give you some suggestions.

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    That is a bit of a complicated question. I think there was for Deluxe, but I dont remember where. Adventure doesn't have many settings to its name yet, but obviously has them in Core book.

    There is also what counts as a setting rule, as some were more of mechanics. I have heard The Goon had something like 20ish setting rules.

    As an example, Dueling in Deadlands Reloaded is a setting rule, but I have always considered it more of mechanics instead. A rule should be fairly straightforward and singular in my way of thinking.

    Wild Die has a session on setting rules as well.
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