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    original maps for fantasy grounds

    the last one i've made :

    For me, it's the house of Trinia Sabor ... for the pathfinder's campaign "Curse of the Crimson Throne"
    Have fun !

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    Many original maps for FG

    I like to make battlemaps.
    I share them on my blog for who wants.
    The last map i've made is the house of Trinia Sabor for Pathfinder's campaign "Curse of the Crimson Throne " :

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    these are a fantastic resource. awesome work!

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    Wow, nicely done.

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    Thanks Saithan !
    I like FG and i like maps too It's a pleasure to share with this community.

    Sorry for double post ! the first time i haven't seen i had to wait a reply for my post... so i have made it a second time

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    Thanks Bidmaron. I will very happy if my maps are usefull for FG's community.
    FG is a fantastic software, a very good work.

    Have fun guys !

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    Great stuff, i relly appreciate you sharing your art

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    nice job guriadeck - make more!

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    Excellent! More maps is always a Good Thing (tm). Thanks for sharing!

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    thanks guys ! it's a pleasure to read you ;p

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