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    Newish player LFG

    Hey all,

    Used to play a 4e DnD game on here a long time ago now. Really enjoyed it but after a while our DM stopped showing up so the group fell apart. Would really love to get involved with a group again. I'm a dedicated player and its incredibly rare for me to miss a game.

    I live in Australia so time may be an issue. Basically if your running a group in America and its in the evening (6pm-ish) its about 11 am the next day here, so if anyone runs a game Friday or Saturday nights in America that would work out fine.

    Preferably looking to join a 4e game as that's what I'm familiar with. Also it has been a while so i may ask the odd stupid question. But not limiting myself to 4e, or even DnD, happy to do home-brew if the setting sounds good. Just keen to get back into some role playing. I generally prefer caster/ranged types, but I'm pretty adept at role playing most kinds of character.

    So yer, if there's anyone out there who's happy to have me along please drop me a line. I'd very much like to hear from you.


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    Royal Forest of Dean, UK
    Dunno if the UK is going to be any good, time wise??, but I have space for a player
    PM me if you're interested.

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