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    The CC module does not contain the spell info from the PHB (I don't think it legally can, as the PHB & C&C ruleset are items which must be purchased)... it only contains a pointer to the spell in the PHB. So when the PHB is not loaded, there is literally nothing for FG to display for those spells... they're just utterly unavailable in every way, other than a link pointing at something that FG is looking for but not finding. Once you activate the PHB, then when FG displays that page, the info the page is pointing at in teh PHB is available for FG to display.
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    GotchA.. I had it purchased and everything, just not activated when I put it in I guess. Or I had to deactivate it/reactivate it for them to show. Seems to be fine now..

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    Feel free to link it up:

    It provides a couple of JPG images with tables and stuff to give a new player a helping hand.


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