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    On MacOS (Sierra) cannot resize application window

    The only choice I have is to hit the Green fullscreen button (which means I have to make app tray/launcher disappear if want to read bottom of app.

    What I mean by this is (with no extensions loaded) I do not see cursor change at any corner or side so cannot resize the window.

    Not a problem if run on desktop with Windows but I game with the laptop...

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    Mine does this too.

    What I've found, is to leave the FG window at it's default size. Throw it up in the top-left corner, then just trust that when I click on the bottom-right, it will grab the window and resize.

    Right inside, the lower-right corner of that F12 box. It works, there's just no dog-eared corner to grab.

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    Thanks, will try it tomorrow. On my PC atm.

    It's new right? I don't recall this happening in prior times. I cannot wait for a new engine that will also run natively on my laptop since I want to use this for DMhelper on inperson playing. It's definitely helpful even when I am the only one looking at the maps and combat tracker.

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