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    PFRPG Inner Sea World Guide

    A few days ago, someone on the Discord asked about whether the Inner Sea World Guide was, or would be, available. It's a 322-page book and only 35 pages of that have anything useful to Fantasy Grounds, so here are 25 of those pages! This is everything except the monsters: classes, equipment, feats, magic items, and special abilities. Player-facing data seems the most useful, so I stopped there. If you all would like the monsters as well, provide feedback here and I'll add them in a future patch.

    I had intended to be 'nice' and any time something linked to a spell or whatever, provide wildcard links but I quickly discovered none of the SRD modules comply with SmiteWorks' 'best practices' so all links have been removed.

    Note: A lot of the material from ISWG was expanded upon in later publications such as the Adventurer's Guide. This DLC contains only the bits specifically from ISWG except for the spell class information—I kept the updated info from those so that players have the most current info when using the filters in the spell lists. All SRD-compliant text was obtained from Archives of Nethys, which is (sadly) now the official SRD resource. Additionally, the 'PFS Legal' flag is stated on each individual record.
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    aweeesome! thx for the contribution
    roll dice. it builds character.

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