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    Hi all,

    Starting up a 5e playtest and really like the ruleset so far.
    Quick question. I dont see attacks or skill rolls on NPCs. Is it just for note keeping or can you roll dice from the sheets?


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    One awesome thing about this ruleset is it turns the in-game language into roll links. Take the screenshot below, clicking/dragging [+5 to hit] will roll an attack, [1d10 + 2 piercing damage] or [13(2d10 +2) piercing damage] will roll damage. Even the [knocks the target prone] will apply the prone effect to your target if you click on it. Just make sure the language matches how it appears in the test packet and it should work.


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    If you put skills in the Traits section of an NPC sheet such as "Search +2" it used to roll the Intelligence with a +2 bonus from the Monster's sheet. I haven't used that in a while though.

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    When I built the ruleset from the October play test packet, I did not see any skill rolls on the NPCs. However, I did not look at them all.

    However, attack rolls, damage rolls, saving throws and conditions are automatically parsed from the NPC sheet. Just enter the text exactly like play test packet information, hover over the trait/action text and double-click (or drag onto chat window or target).


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    There are a few that have things like "The tiger gains a +5 to Wisdom(Perception) checks to detect hidden creatures." but most skill rolls are simply an ability check. We'll see how the final format looks.

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