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    This is how the sheet looks so far. I _think_ I am using the most recent extension but the size of the Attacks Frame doesn't match the tutorial. Changing the offset 15 should change the upper left corner I think but it isn't actually having any effect. It's not really a big deal. The attacks frame is a bit of a pain anyway because when you scroll down and click on something at the bottom it bounces up so what you actually click on is the lowest text entry _before_ you scrolled down. I think I'd rather use a roll entry from the skills or feats to simulate an attack.

    Anyway, there are none of those saves so I deleted them. I have them mostly automated in the section below. I deleted the title and will copy the class section so I can multiclass. Then I'll try to copy the Class thing to create races. I will probably get rid of the AC calculation since in Rifts the AR is simply a roll to see if the armor or you was hit. A miss is 5 or less and dodge is another roll altogether. Its been a while since I played so it sounds weird as I think about it. I guess I played too much D&D, its corrupted my mind.

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    Hi danielfruth

    This has been posted on the wrong thread but Im not sure which one to move it to...

    Unfortunately Ive left some legacy code in the frames you are talking about. At the top of the page you will see a script that sets the sizes for some frames - it uses this so that the frames can resize if the charsheet is resized by the player.

    Look for the function resizeFrames

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