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    Quote Originally Posted by stevica View Post
    Hi ! maybe a newb question. I am using SWADE ruleset, and this extension only.
    When I prepare the encounter I position the creatures on the top layer of my map. Later when I try to Add that encounter to the combat tracker it populates the combat tracker with just empty slots that are not connected to actual NPC entries from the encounter (exact number of dummy slots in the combat tracker as there are creatures in my encounter). Also the Tokens appear on the desired map, but they are just tokens that everyone can move, and not connected to the empty entries in the combat tracker (so not NPCs but just unlocked tokens). Is that a known problem or I am just doing something wrong ?
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    Unfortunately, both the SWADE and SWD FG rulesets use a slightly different default way of adding encounters to the combat tracker (the addBattle function contains the code). As the layers extension needs to modify this addBattle code to ensure that the tokens are put on the top layer, it uses the standard underlying CoreRPG code that most FG rulesets use. But, because Savage Worlds puts most none wild card NPCs into groups in the CT, it has different addBattle code.

    This would require a separate extension specific to Savage Worlds and it's not really something I want to start doing with FGU on the horizon and my involvement with Pathfinder Second Edition. If someone wants to make a Savage Worlds compatible version they're welcome to do so as long as they post it on these forums only!
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    Hey Trenloe, thanks for the reply. Understood.
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