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    Quote Originally Posted by Trenloe View Post
    To be honest, it doesn't look promising - I don't think TOR is designed for a server like Fantasy Grounds behind the tunnel.
    It's clearly not designed for that. But it still might work, tests needed.

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    FWIW, Hamachi has just done away with its free service.

    Trenloe, which VPN service did you use?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hangarflying View Post
    FWIW, Hamachi has just done away with its free service.
    They've done away with LogMeIn Free which is a different product to LogMeIn Hamachi. LogMeIn Free it allowed remote control of desktops. You should still be able to use LogMeIn Hamachi for free (4 connections or less) as I don't believe there have been no changes to this.

    Quote Originally Posted by hangarflying View Post
    Trenloe, which VPN service did you use?
    I've used HideMyAss and PureVPN both of them working well - the prices can change as both of these seem to have varying prices due to occasional special offers, PureVPN is currently available for $50 for 1 year.
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    ive just checked Hamachi and it still looks like the 5 connection (host + 4 players) still looks free:

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    Yep, hamachi is still free. Moreover, I have successfully run games on Hamachi with more than 4 players by simply using more than one free VPNs. A group of players "sees" the server thru one network, another thru a second network.

    Locating a service that does not require the installation of extra software on clients would be a GREAT boon, though.

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    Aside from Hamachi, what other free service do you use?

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    Sorry, I wasn't clear. I use two different Hamachi VPNs. You cannot have more than 5 members in a single network, but the FG server can be in two networks at the same time. And since the clients need not communicate with one another, this configuration works.

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    That's cheating. I love it!
    I never claimed to be sane. Besides, it's more fun this way.

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    It's not cheating. You are not explicitly disallowed to do so. It would not work with other software which relies on peer-to-peer communication and not on client-to-server. Luckily FG is client/server

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    Yeah, sorry, when I started getting all the pop ups that said I'd gave to start paying, I assumed it also prevented access for FG.

    RosenMcstern: could you please elaborate how you make this work? Does the GM have to install two separate LMI-H, or can he have two networks on one instance?

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