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Thread: Happy New Year!

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    Talking Happy New Year!

    I hope everyone had a great 2013 and may you have many, many great FG games in 2014. Here is to bigger an better things!

    Looking back on 2013, here are some highlights of things that stood out to me (in no particular order):
    1. We had two FG Cons in 1 year
    2. Rolemaster Classic got a much needed overhaul
    3. We added another 30 add-ons
    4. Deadlands Noir and Hell on Earth released for FG's Savage Worlds ruleset
    5. Version 3.0 was released and brings many of the rulesets into a common framework (we started with 2.9.2 this year)
    6. We had to completely rebuild our server (not fun... but significant) and have a newer forum with blogs and other cool features
    7. The new tokens from Shockbolt's kickstarter rolled out to everyone with a Full and Ultimate license for free
    8. We finally got Greenlit on Steam
    9. We upgraded our Store to allow sales to be easily scheduled and managed (crazy but true that such a simple feature was missing)
    10. All the rulesets from the FG-Wiki were moved to our site and are now available under the Library
    11. My wife and I had a baby (okay... not FG related... but a big new addition)

    What are some things that stood out to you or that you and your group accomplished this year?

    What are some New Years resolutions you have related to gaming or FG?


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    Congratulations on 11 - the most important.
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    Happy New Year!

    1. Hell on Earth Reloaded was released (Thank you, thank you, thank you);
    2. My wife & daughter joined me in playing FGII; and
    3. My wife and I welcomed our two grandsons into this world!

    Hope all is well with everyone & best wishes moving forward.
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    A solid year of weekly FG games. Good times. Best wishes for 2014, and congrats with the widdle Davison spawn!

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    1. I found FG and have become hooked!!!

    2. Started playing PFS games on FG and met some really cool people in doing so.

    3. I have a new campaign running with guys I met here and also friends I used to play with YEARS ago but lost touch with.

    4. FG helped rekindle my love of RPGs but giving me a medium to play on regularly.

    5. Met some cool new guys and tried out Castles & Crusades which has led to a regular weekly game with a ruleset I never tried before.

    Congrats on the new addition and edition of FG!!!

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